Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentine's Day!

I was stressing out quite a bit over the big day. Some of you may not know this, but I am currently working two jobs that keep me away from home and the hubs. My first job is in the first part of the day from 8 until 2...then I go to my second job from 5-10. So, we really only have about a 2 hour window in between to see each other, eat, and then I leave. Shane is working and doing school full-time too so he is staying extremely busy keeping up on homework and projects. I'm not saying that we hate our lives, we are actually very very blessed, BUT it has been hard to have nights and even weekends to hang out and just chill.

Well...back to Valentine's day. I was super worried I was going to be a horrible wife because I had to work both jobs that day, and Shane expressed to me not to worry about it because he wasn't really into the holiday anyways. So I figured I would do or buy him something little once I got home, and figured he would just do that same.

..............................wasn't I in for a treat.

Now this blog post may turn into one where I begin to glorify and express how amazing Shane really is....because he is. And he always knows how to make me feel awesome. Well i'm very happy and grateful to say he went above and beyond! No, he didn't buy me diamonds or a luxerious trip to Fiji or anything like that. Let me tell you...

When I woke up to go to work I noticed the kitchen light was left on (Shane had early morning volleyball practice and had left a few hours before I got up) and so I got out of my bed to shut it off. When I opened my bedroom door there was a trail of, indeed, rose petals. In the kitchen there was a lovely bouquet of roses with a card and candies, super sweet. So, the rose pedals lead me from my bedroom door into the living room to Shane's laptop which was on, and hooked up to our tv. There was a note on his keyboard that read, "Push down on the spacebar". So that is what I did, and here is what I found....

Click on the link & Enjoy....
Sorry about the quality/size.  Had to be this way due to size restrictions.  :/

On our honeymoon he took a bunch of little videos on his Iphone....and he made this awesome movie for us! Such a great surprise and it's so nice to have these memories forever now! Best Valenine's gift I've ever gotten. I hope everyone had a very love-filled month! We miss a lot of you and love you all!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Holidays!

We just absolutely love this time of year. And it's even better now that we are married and get to share it with each other forever! I hope you all are excited and are remembering the reason for the season this year. I know that we sure are grateful.

Well, it's been a month since my last post and in that time we got all of our pictures! Most of you have probably already seen them on Facebook, so I will just post a few that may not have been posted or a few of our favorites. :) Most of these will include bits from our beautiful wedding day, and also our honeymoon! Enjoy! And have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday! Safe travels everyone!

We stayed in Laguna for a few days on the Queen Mary ship & hotel! Then we ventured onto a cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada Mexico, it was beautiful! And finally, we finished our wonderful week with Disneyland!!! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our cute, old, newlywed home!

So, let me tell the story of how we found this little guy...
I found a listing online for a reasonable price and decided to call the number and see if I could go check out the property. Well, Shane gave me the supposed address and I went to check it out. When I found the address, the house wasn't the description that I read on the add. The add said it was suppose to be a duplex.    So, I just thought maybe the add was wrong, since it looked like no one was living in this house anyways. The landlord told me over the phone that the back door would be open so I could just walk right in and check things out. So....that's what I did.
I walked up to the cute little brick house (the wrong house) and noticed that the back door was wide I did what any person would do...I walked right in...
Only a few steps in and I suddenly got the feeling I shouldn't be in there. No one lived here that's for sure because it looked like a construction zone. Someone was definitely trying to fix it up. When I was about to leave all of a sudden I heard "HEY! What are you doing in my house?!" Oh, (insert bad word). I just explained to the man that I thought I had the wrong house and that I was sorry. Once he realized I wasn't robbing him...he went on to tell me that even though it wasn't listed or had a sign out front, he was indeed looking to rent out the house! And he even told us he would drop the price significantly per month just so we would rent it. And so we did! We are getting quite the deal, and although it still has a LOT of things that need to be's perfect for us. We love it! It was a blessing I walked into the wrong house that day.

Here are a few pictures...trying my best to give you guys an idea of where we're living!

This is our Living Room! The two couches were already here which was nice. So we just are trying to make it feel a little bit more like "home".



We have a vintage 70's kitchen...from the floors to the drawers, to the sink, and to the wall colors!

Now our bedroom and bathroom is for sure one of a kind. There is no wall to separate the two!
   Yes, I was a bit concerned when I first looked at it...but it's kind of just like a big open hotel room! I just make sure to always have some sort of candle lit. Our shower/tub is a jacuzzi so it's really nice! Of course we give each other privacy when one is using the bathroom....most of the time. We're married right? Guess we need to step out of those comfort zones. :)

This is our backyard! Yes, there is a hot tub! Sadly, the landlord needs to put new water pipes in it and get a new cover. So, we aren't using it. The backyard is pretty spacious too! Once it's all done it will be a nice place to throw parties and have barbecues!!

Our basement is a little scary...reason being, the stairs are like a ladder. It's a little difficult going up and down them with laundry baskets! But I've found a safe and careful to do it. The laundry came with the house too which was a blessing!

And here it is!!! Our little brick house. We love it here! 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3....

We have a 'married couples blog'!!! I was always so jealous of my cute friends who had the fun updates about their wonderful lives being I can't believe I get to. Our wedding day, and the week leading up to it could not have been anything but perfect, fun, and so so exciting. We had been waiting our whole lives for that moment of pure joy, happiness, and love. (Sigh) I'm tearing up thinking about it.... Anyways, let get some pictures up so you all can get a taste of what our wonderful day was like!

Here we are driving to Las Vegas for our wedding! We were so excited!

The next day, my family flew in from Iowa and Shane and I surprised them at the airport! It was my parents 25th anniversary together so we brought some balloons and happy tears to greet them. My family made some fun 'Hannah & Shane" wedding t-shirts for us all to wear (both sides of the family). They are wearing them in this picture.

Friday morning we woke up early for my endowment session in the Las Vegas Temple. It was such a wonderful and special experience for Shane and I. I wouldn't have traded it for anything, it was so amazing. We are both so grateful for the gospel and the love and blessings that we felt from it. It was so lovely having all of our family and closest friends there the week before our big day. We were able to just mingle, enjoy each other, and do the last minute wedding things. I love my family and new family!!

 Our wedding day followed and then we were off to our honeymoon! I'm going to have to save those pictures and stories for another post, just so this one isn't a novel. :) I am also going to have to put pictures up soon of our cute little newlywed house! Lots of fun to come! Watch out for my posts on facebook. :)