Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentine's Day!

I was stressing out quite a bit over the big day. Some of you may not know this, but I am currently working two jobs that keep me away from home and the hubs. My first job is in the first part of the day from 8 until 2...then I go to my second job from 5-10. So, we really only have about a 2 hour window in between to see each other, eat, and then I leave. Shane is working and doing school full-time too so he is staying extremely busy keeping up on homework and projects. I'm not saying that we hate our lives, we are actually very very blessed, BUT it has been hard to have nights and even weekends to hang out and just chill.

Well...back to Valentine's day. I was super worried I was going to be a horrible wife because I had to work both jobs that day, and Shane expressed to me not to worry about it because he wasn't really into the holiday anyways. So I figured I would do or buy him something little once I got home, and figured he would just do that same.

..............................wasn't I in for a treat.

Now this blog post may turn into one where I begin to glorify and express how amazing Shane really is....because he is. And he always knows how to make me feel awesome. Well i'm very happy and grateful to say he went above and beyond! No, he didn't buy me diamonds or a luxerious trip to Fiji or anything like that. Let me tell you...

When I woke up to go to work I noticed the kitchen light was left on (Shane had early morning volleyball practice and had left a few hours before I got up) and so I got out of my bed to shut it off. When I opened my bedroom door there was a trail of, indeed, rose petals. In the kitchen there was a lovely bouquet of roses with a card and candies, super sweet. So, the rose pedals lead me from my bedroom door into the living room to Shane's laptop which was on, and hooked up to our tv. There was a note on his keyboard that read, "Push down on the spacebar". So that is what I did, and here is what I found....

Click on the link & Enjoy....
Sorry about the quality/size.  Had to be this way due to size restrictions.  :/

On our honeymoon he took a bunch of little videos on his Iphone....and he made this awesome movie for us! Such a great surprise and it's so nice to have these memories forever now! Best Valenine's gift I've ever gotten. I hope everyone had a very love-filled month! We miss a lot of you and love you all!!

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